Denise Orzeck

I am Denise Orzeck, living in Orange County, New York. Growing up in Pine Island, NY, also known as “Black Dirt Country”, I come from many generations of farmers. It was here that my philosophy of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and nutritional interconnectedness was cultivated. Being raised among the fields of fresh produce and black earth with a strong intuition for sensing others personal traumas and internal blocks since childhood, I have sought out alternative methods of healing using natural and spiritual resources in unison. Through my personal experience and application of my discoveries I found my true path and, so, my journey began.
My passion and intrinsic desire to heal and provide peace to the lost and wounded was self-actualized early in life as I was the sole caregiver of my ailing father. Always wanting to touch and lay hands to heal, it was at this time that I truly started applying nutritional and holistic methods to his care. After his passing, I took a position as a Certified Nurse Assistant and spent over 30 years in the health care industry while integrating holistic techniques, lifestyle modifications, and nutrition with a hands-on approach to attune the mind, body, and soul. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse with a career focused in Alzheimer’s and rehabilitation. It is through the process of rehabilitation that I saw the profound role nutrition, spiritual guidance, mental strength and emotional determination play in physical recovery. It was then that I began my intense study of healing the “self” through “oneness”.
I was naturally led to Young Living Essential Oils upon delving deeper into my quest to further understand and apply alternative methods of care and healing. For a decade I have used them to support my own and my family’s body systems. Throughout this experience I felt a connection to my higher power and was driven to become ordained as a Holistic Minister Practitioner. To this day I continue to use the oils in my holistic practices: medicinal remedies, therapeutic techniques, organic nutritional guidelines, and as an herbalist and aroma-therapist.
Now having amassed the knowledge and provided optimal care for the mind, body and spirit of countless lives originally plagued by mental and physical disorders and defects, it is my mission to teach and provide others with my personal and professional experience as a holistic minister, practitioner, and master instructor.

Tim Arculli

Tim began his Chi Kung training in 2009 and never looked back since his first class. He wasn’t quite sure how to explain how things changed that day but he knew he felt great and needed to continue to explore this curious practice. Throughout his journey he was consistently mystified by the seemingly impossible and amazing things that he learned. He had no choice but to constantly expand his ideas of what was possible and redefine ways to use this knowledge. To his delight and honor, his teacher (Gary McCabe) recognized his passion and took him on as an inside student in order to pass the most profound information of his lineage.

Tim began to show friends and family this art and nearly all of them noticed the benefits and commented on how great they felt after practicing. The next time he saw them he would ask if they are continuing to do the things he showed them on their own. Of those that replied that they haven’t, the number one reason was they didn’t have time. Recognizing that time was the thing that held the most people back, Tim began focusing on developing a system that uses easy to learn, short, and simple techniques and concepts that can be incorporated into a modern daily lifestyle.

He is known for saying “Everything you accomplished to date is because you put your mind to it. You can do the same with health and wellbeing”

Tim currently resides in Northern New Jersey and continues to train with his teacher on a regular basis. He loves music, sunsets, and the wonders of nature and energy. He is dedicated and passionate about sharing his knowledge and thrives to show people how to improve their health and well-being in ways they may have never thought of.

Taylor Volkert

Taylor has specialized in Past Life Regression Sessions and Trauma Healing ever since discovering her talent and passion for helping others heal from past life trauma. She is able to see what has carried over from past lives into the current and release all that holds you back today. 

Taylor’s sessions are one on one for two hours. She helps guide clients through their past lives while in a meditative state and open up their spiritual gifts. Together they navigate the past and remove residual blockages, irrational fears, break unhealthy cycles, and heal past life trauma impacting them today. Appointments can be made in person or in advance over the phone. A session is $150. Taylor also provides 15 minute Aura Readings for $30 where she looks at your aura and describes the unique colors that make up you and your essence. 

I grew up in Westchester NY and as a child, I was always more in tune with the energy around me. I could always sense shifts in moods and intuitively know how someone was feeling even from a young age. This was because I’m an empath. The energies and emotions of others are very easy for me to sense and feel. I can also sense and see people’s auras and have a very developed sense of clairaudience (clear hearing). I receive verbal messages and receive songs messages in my head from Spirit, which helps me during my readings and sessions. 

I dabble in different forms of spiritual practice. As a child, my love for astrology lead me to learn about natal charts which eventually developed into me learning how to read Tarot and Oracle cards. I’m certified in level one of Reiki and am on my way to becoming a Reiki master and am constantly working on developing new skills. 

My whole life I have been passionate about helping others in any way I can. Because of the way I sense energy and vibrations I’ve always had the innate ability to see solutions to difficult personal problems which has led me to past life trauma healing. I see it as problem-solving where I sense the solution and am able to guide you to the answer you need to receive healing.

Tanya Grgas

On an eclectic journey balancing a technological world with a return to a natural way of life.  Exploring self sustainability, bee keeping and all paths natural.  Reiki has lead me to this calling which in turn inspired me to introduce, share and teach Reiki, the importance of self care and compassion toward Oneself.