AromaHarmony™ with YLEOs Certification and CE Course

December 7, 2019 10:00 am
December 7, 2019 6:00 pm
1371 Kings Hwy, Chester, NY 10918   View map
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A one day plus 6 sessions using Consent Forms given to you. This is a course leading to a Certification and CE’s for nurses upon approval by the facilitator and Co-Trustees of Lightwing Center, Rev. Richard and Rev. Nancy Weber, RN.
AromaHarmony™ is a hands on process using ideas and essential oils from around the world. For this course we endorse and provide only Young Living Essential Oils. Complete six required hands on sessions with one occurring on day of class.
Lightwing Center has taken our training in a new direction. We have created a philosophy of essential oil topical application, AromaHarmony™. We believe this will suit everyone’s desire to serve others well. Using knowledge and intuitive feelings while helping another, along with the other person’s input, we can select appropriate essential oils from a selection of kits we have chosen and also created for everyone’s enjoyment. AromaHarmony™ is relaxation, calming and a supportive style of application for both giver and receiver.
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