The Holistic Healing Studio

we have the ability to heal ourselves

Classes & Events

We offer a wide range of certification & educational classes presented by qualified instructors & speakers, as well as participate & sponsor charitable events.

Studio Services

Let us relax your body, free your mind, & lift your spirits with wide array of intuitive holistic services performed by local artisans.

Lifestyle Products

Check Out Our Unique Offering of Holistic Self-Care Products.

Our Philosphy

Our bodies reflect what is going on in our lives. Every ache, every pain and even accident is a symptom indicating an area of our lives where we need to pay attention and even possibly make changes. By listening to what the body is trying to tell us we can heal the cause and subsequently, the effect of the problem.

Too often we ignore our health until we get so sick that symptoms appear. Wouldn’t you rather support your body’s day-to-day efforts to stay healthy?
Holistic Healing means addressing the whole person on all levels – looking at diet, lifestyle, family, and work to find the cause of the problem in order to bring about a complete recovery where possible and to prevent a further recurrence.

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